Electricity and Magnetism Digital Science Notebook

Scientist A: Adam
Scientist B: Ty
Scientist C: Ainsley

Word Bank/Glossary


Investigation 1:

The Force

Describe the Investigation
(What We Did)
Observations and Conclusions
(What We Learned)
Photo and/or Video
(What It Looked/Sounded Like)
Part 1
A = materials
B = procedures
C = laptop/wiki
we took a bag of supplies and took the
magnets and carfully put the item
next to the magnet and saw wich
ones atracted. Here are the results.
The metals that make these stick are
iron,nickel,cobalt and steel.
Stick Don't stick
Paper clips Sponges
Screen Rubber bands
Shiny nails Strings
Black rocks Kraft Sticks
Screws Copper
Washers dull nails
Plastic chips
Paper fasteners
Pieces of cardboard
Brass rings
River pebbles
Soda straws
Pieces of alumunum
Part 2
B = materials
C = procedures
A = laptop/wiki
We took a sheet of paper and put a
magnet on top. After that we put a nail
under the sheet of paper and it stuck!
We also used enduced magnetism with
a chain of nails going down. With three
magnets we could use enough enduced
energy to link up to four nails together.
Our group learned that enduced
energy can link up objects even
if they're not a magnet! We also
learned that temporary magnetism
is when you take a magnet and
put something that can stick on
the bottom and another on that. So
when you take the magnet off it only
stays on for a short couple of seconds.
Part 3
C = materials
A = procedures
B = laptop/wiki
We put washers in a weigher and spacers in between a magnet with another magnet at the bottom. Then, we saw how many washers it could hold on the other side before the magnet breaksthe magnets force.
That with more spacers in between the magnets,the less washers the magnets could hold. It tries to keep attracting but the force broke the magnets attraction apart. its not repelling but the force broke the attraction apart.
Part 4
A = materials
B= procedures
C = laptop/wiki



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