Allie's Student Led Conference Portfolio

March 20-21, 2013

Grade 4

Subject Area

Project Name

Why I am proud of this project / What I did well on this project

File / Link to Stand-Alone Page


Choose 1-2 projects
1. I am proud of my work because we had a hard time finding pictures from the internet and we had to erase one at the last second.
2. I am proud of this project Iam about to show you because mia and I worked really hard on makeing the script and performing the sript it took us a while.
one day trip

Social Studies

State Research Project
I am proud of this work because Lily and I worked really hard on finding out all of this information from the website, cultergram, and from a book called California.


Choose 2 pieces
1. I am proud of this work because I worked really hard on reaserching about the history in boston
2. I am proud of the project i am showing you because this was an unforgetable time and it was so long ago so it was relly hard to remeber the details, i worked really hard on it.

Other Work

1.this project is important to me because i think that it really matters on how it gets choose.
2. I chose this project because i think my portfolio is really fun and that you can see it. my voki is on it.


This year, I have learned a lot about using technology. I've learend not to have food or drinks by the computer or else it might get broke. Technology is a tool that helps you reaserch things and learn new things. It helps me do my homework like IXL,spelling city,raz kids.