By: Adam and Nate


1. Use an appropriate source to research your state.

2. Use words, pictures, maps, etc. to fill in your notes for the topics below.
  • NO complete sentences.
  • Be careful NOT to plagiarize. Use your own words!


Major Cities:Tacoma, Olympia, Spokane, and Vancouver. (ABDO)

Land Forms: In Washington has many, many mountains. (ABDO)

Bodies of Water: The body of water in Washington is the Pacific Ocean (Social Studies Alive Map)

Population: 617,996 (Google)

Weather/Climate: The Pacific Ocean makes Washington's Summers coolers and Winters warmer. (ABDO)

Land size (area): 71,299.64 (Google)

Region: The Northeast Region


Washington Map Collection

Washington county map
Washington county map



When did it become a state? November 11, 1889 (Google)

Immigrant groups: Washingtons immigrant groups changed by 90.2%

5 interesting dates in order (timeline):

  • 1st date: In 1775 Brun De Heceta Sailed the Washington Coast. (ABDO)
  • 2nd date: In 1778 English Explorer Captain James Also sailed. (ABDO)
  • 3rd date: 1805 The Lewis and Clark expedition (ABDO)
  • 4th date: In 1840s, settlers started coming to Washington bt wasy of Oregon trail. (ABDO)

Challenge -- add more to timeline.


Governor: The Governor of Washington is Jay Inslee (Google)

Capital: The State Capital is Olympia (ABDO)

State abbreviation: WA is Washington's abbreviation (Google)

US Representatives: Jo Bonner (Google)

US Senators: Jefferson Davis was a long, long time ago (Google)

Democratic or Republican? None.
Is your state Democrat or Republican?

Date of state constitution (ratified): November 11, 1889. (Google)


Natural Resources: Wheat is one of the biggest Natural resources. (ABDO)

Manufactured Goods: 15% Of the manufactured goods of Washington is Dairy. (Google)

Industries: They have a high rank in technology (Google)

Famous company: Washington has a famous beverage company. (Google)

Farm products: Wheat is a Farm Product. (ABDO)

Employment: More than a million people are employed.

Current unemployment rate: Washington's rate is 7.5 (Google)
Unemployment rates by state

Fun Facts (if you have extra time!)

Nickname: The Evergreen State (ABDO)

Motto: Into the future by and by (ABDO)

State bird: Willow Goldfinch (ABDO)

State tree: Western Hemlock (ABDO)

State flower: Coast Rhododendron (ABDO)

State song: Washington, My Home (ABDO)

Places for visitors to see: Seattle is a great place for visitors to see (ABDO)

Did you know... Seattle is home to the first revolving restauraunt (Google)

Anything else?
Did you know that Washington is the only state named after the last name of a president. (Google)

Photos (cite www. ... for each

2. Google