Adam's Student Led Conference Portfolio

March 20-21, 2013

Grade 4

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Digital Citizenship
Pure Massachusetts
I think the Digital Citizenship was good because it was through good imovie work from a mac. Chris (my partner) and I had to redue it a lot!
The Pure Massachusetts was also hard because they was also through imovie. The two hard parts about it were downloading the pictures from iphoto to imovie and doing the script. The script was hard because we had to redo it a lot.
Digital Citizenship Internet Saftey acs9 cbr4
Pure massachusetts Adam, Gracie, and Sam

Social Studies

NE State Report
The State Report took a little bit of time to do but eventually I got it done. I had to look up all the info like the major cities, the state bird, etc. I learned a lot about research. For example,
Also, we have learned about 2 regions so far The North East and The South East. Out of both of those regions, I would rather live in...
NE State Report ACS9


The Electric Cave
The Twister
The first story, The Electric Cave, is a character and setting story. That means that we spent a ton of time creating the characters and the setting before we even began writing the story. The Electric Cave is about a college student named Tim who is secretly a superhero named Electroman. And he finds a good cave he can use for a hideout and then it gets invaded...
In The Twister a twister strikes Adams school. It's up to him and his friends to save the class...

Other Work

My Bigfoot Sighting
The Assassin
In My Bigfoot Sighting a boy goes camping alone and Bigfoot is in the same forest. The whole class had to write about a mythical character like the Lochness Monster etc. It's a spooky story that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
In The Assassin an assassin goes on an adventure to stop the evil king. The assassin will do whatever it takes to stop the evil king...


This year, I have learned a lot about using technology. 1. I've learned how to copy and paste. 2. I learned how to download links and files. 3. And last but not least I learned is how to make a dropped cap. My final thoughts are that next year I hope to get better at Math and Social Studies.

Also this year I have gotten better at reading and gramar. Some people in the class say that I am the best at grammar in the whole class! Last year my reading level was U, now my reading level is around X! I am most proud of reading. It has improved VERY much! In 1st grade I was in S, in second grade I was T, in third grade I was in W, and now I'm near X! Last year I it and gave it a chance. My MEAP grades have improved since last year too! Last year my MEAP level was average. Now my MEAP level is ABOVE average! I am a hard working, honest, humorous, joyful, problem-solving, creative, curious kid!

My character is better because now I realize that kids look up to me and not themselves. So I try to stay as good as I can at all times. My growth is better because I understand work better and listen better. I am more confident with making more friends. The reason why I'm more confident making friends is because I'm getting used to doing it because I already have so many. My personal growth is better because like I said earlier I'm couldn't type very fast at all. Now I can type without even looking at the keyboard. I am more better of a typer this year, thats for sure! My work improved because I focused on tter at making new friends and I am getting better at my math long division. I used to not know how to do it at all and struggle with homework a lot. Now I'm getting used to it.

So Mom and Dad, how about some books from the Book Fair!