By: Aria Mingo

A Pumpkin Carving Contest
When I won the pumpkin carving contest for third place, I was so exited! But now that I know the prize to it, I'm not so exited. I mean seriously, why couldn't I have just had a gift card? If I got a truck load of pumpkins, I wonder what first places prize was.
The next day was a Sunday so I decided to sell the pumpkins. I sold the pumpkins for $2.99 each. My mom asked, "Why are there PUMPKINS on our lawn?"
I replied, "Long story. But can you come with me to sell them?"
"Okay. I'll get Payce ready," she said walking away. I couldn't fit all of the pumpkins in one wagon because there were too many. So once we were done with one wagon, we would come back for another wagon. We sold half of the pumpkins by the time it was night.
Monday arrived as I got my heavy bag ready for school. I also brought two wagons to put half of the leftover pumpkins in. At school, I gave some of the pumpkins to the 3rd graders and some to the 4th graders. I had a lot left so I gave those to the teachers that I passed by and the office. When I went home from school, I only had a quarter of the pumpkins I had. 'What should I do with all of these pumpkins?' I thought to myself.
Then, it hit me! I could throw away the pumpkins! I was so happy to have solved the problem!
The End