A Holiday Memory For Me

It was my birthday as I skipped on the sidewalk to Bounce U. I had invited everyone from my class except one person . That person's name is Lydia. I didnt invite her because when I was in first grade, Lydia would bully me. It was horrible!
Once my mom and I walked inside Bounce U, we got everything set up. We waited and waited for about 20 minutes.
The bell attached to the door rang. Someone was here! Finally! I was so exited! When the kid and their parent came in, I was watching television. She sat down next to me and her parents talked to my mom.
A couple minutes later, about 10 other kids came in. Everyone was here after 13 to 14 minutes later. A man announced "Hello and welcome to Bounce U! I hope-ahem-I know you will have a GREAT time. I am going to lead you to the first room--the bouncing house!"
"Yay" a couple kids yelled.
When we were in the bounce house's room, some kids said "WHOAH!" and others just stood in astonishment.
Once the man said we could go in the bounce houses everyone raced to be the first one on. Everyone in about 40 minutes was tired but most of them still kept going! I could tell because of their faces. In 25 minutes more, Angeline had to go. We both said goodbye and then she left.
Another hour passed and we moved to the next room. That room had all of the presents in it and the cakes! The cakes were chocolate and plain. I had a slice of chocolate and it was DELICIOUS! After the cakes were finished, I opened all of the presents. I LOVED them all.
17 minutes later, a couple of kid's parents came. "Awww!" I whispered to myself as someone and their parent left.
"Bye. See you at school!" I said walking away.
After everyone left, my mom and I got my presents in the car.
Then my mom said "bye" to the manager and we left.
While we were in the car I thought about something. That something was the party. I knew I would keep a memory of that day.