Paragraph Practice
A Geneva Dream
On the banks of the waterfront promenade in Geneva, Switzerland is the five star President Wilson Hotel. On the 8th floor lays the Royal Penthouse Suite. Its 5500 square feet of amazing rooms, food, and service are not the only amazing things that this luxurious suite provides you with.
It is also located in the shadows of the magnificent Mont Blanc.
Living in Geneva would let me see the beautiful sights and experience Geneva’s rich culture and history. For example, t
he Saint Peter’s Cathedral took over 400 years to complete. It is the oldest and most impressive building in all of Geneva. I would like to learn about the history of the Saint Peter’s Cathedral. There is also the
Grand Théâtre de Genève where you can experience operas, ballets, concerts, and recitals. I love performances and would get tickets to each performance. Victoria Hall hosts the most wonderful concerts in all of Geneva and I would see performers there too.
The President Wilson Hotel is a great place to live because my whole life would be a vacation. The hotel has a swimming pool where I could train and stay in shape. I like to look nice and stay relaxed so I would go to its spa and salon to get my hair done and have a massage.
The Royal Penthouse Suite expands across the 8th and highest floor giving all that stay there a stunning lake view. It features a grand piano. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano and what better way than on a grand piano instead of a little key board. Staying in shape would be easy with the Deluxe fitness center inside the suite.
Plus, there is a 103 inch flat screen TV and access to a private elevator that will get me places faster.
The flat screen TV would let me see the TV pictures better.
The Royal Penthouse Suite is completely safe with its 6 centimeter thick bullet proof windows and a human sized safe. There is also a helicopter evacuation service. The safe and secure security would let me rely on the employees and know they can be trusted.
Out of all the homes in the world I picked the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland for a variety of reasons. The views, the history, the culture, the lake, and the mountain would make me feel happy and relaxed. The Hotel security would make me feel safe. And the Hotel service and space would make me feel like royalty.